God Winks and Angels Everywhere

Hello beautiful friends, family, dear ones,


Clearly this photo is not from Tucson in April. I post it here to remind me that I WILL be skiing, hiking, boating, thriving again soon.

I believe that everyone that shows up in our lives is brought for a reason. Every alignment that occurs is just as it should be. Some people call these coincidences. Others synchronicities. Rita calls them God Winks. I like this. We have been surrounded by these alignments every step of this journey. Tom the window washer affirmed that magic is all around us and that the angels are here.

Jon and I have been in Tucson for 2 weeks. We move to another house on Monday. James and Inez are letting us stay in their house indefinitely, as they return to Ontario on Monday where they spend the summer. James and Inez are angels. We just met them a month ago and they offered their house to us like we were old family friends. What a huge gift from two beautiful people. Jon and I are so grateful.

Mom and dad are here for Easter so they will help Jon move, for which I am also grateful. I am little help in the lifting, packing, cleaning department. My energy has been super low. The cough persists. And most of all, I haven’t been able to breathe well for two weeks. This also makes talking difficult. Overall I feel pretty crummy most of every day with an average of one day per week where I feel human. Sleeping is interesting, usually in a sitting up and face down position on a stack of 4 pillows, which helps the coughing. Less than fulfilling, although I manage to have dreams in the periods of sleep. Even with these challenges, I am managing to stick to the Budwig-Cellect Protocol (see cancertutor.com for details) but only with the support of Jon and other visitors like Joan, Doug, Monica and mom and dad. I would be nothing without all of your help. Thank you! I am taking a break on IVs for now so I can really feel the effects of the new protocol.

One big improvement this week came after 12 hours in the ER. Tests and waiting to speak with the doctor about the result of each test filled most of the 12 hours. Finally, at 8am, I was wheeled into the ultrasound room. Katie, a sweet nurse, explained the thoracentesis procedure. She did the ultrasound and determined there was a lot of fluid to be drained from my right pleural space (outside the lung but inside the chest wall). The previous tests showed the same thing. The radiologist inserted a tiny needle at the base of my ribcage on my back and began draining the fluid. It didn’t really hurt until the end, when there was some cramping. I asked Katie to see the liquid. It was yellowish but that was not the shocking part. I know in my mind what a liter of fluid is (think Nalgene water bottle), but when she held that bottle up to show me, I was SHOCKED. She drained 1.5 LITERS of fluid. This fluid was pressing on my lung, which left only 25% capacity for breathing. I was sore the rest of the day but overall the breathing has improved. Not perfect because I am still coughing. However, much improved. The whole experience was epic, as the ER can be it seems.

I realize that this is not the greatest news but it is the real picture my life at this point. Stay healthy everyone. We will have a new address soon but mail can also be sent to mom and dad at 1745 E. Knox Rd, Tempe, AZ  85284.

I love you all of you special people. Thank you for your unending support, love, and prayers.


Warm Desert Air

Hello beautiful people,

Jon and I are back in Phoenix now. It feels good to be in a drier climate. It also feels energetically like the right place to be for now. We will be in Phoenix through the weekend, as we have family coming to visit. Then we will move into a vacation rental for a few weeks in Tucson, starting on Sunday.

I want to share a website that we found about advanced cancer treatments. It is very interesting and hopeful. The ebook details the special considerations for advanced cancer that are not necessarily part of the picture with earlier stage cancer. Check it out if you want: https://www.cancertutor.com/checkfast/

Even though I don’t feel great at the moment, I know that I will soon. Thank you for all of your prayers, support and love. This photo is of the street side library in Santa Rosa. Love, Kristin and Jon

Whales and Seals

Yesterday Jon and I journeyed west to the confluence of the Russian River and the Pacific Ocean. The river was brown from the recent rains. It is raining again today. We saw about 200 Harbor Seals at their birthing area right at the confluence and spotted a whale spouting off shore. Magic! Tomorrow, I will have my final ozone and IV treatments here in Santa Rosa and we will complete a training for using a home ozone machine. Jon’s brother, Tom, will be here and offered to help clean the house we rented for the month. Thank you Tom and Jon for cleaning!

It is difficult to believe that we have been here a month and that it is the end of March already. I am hoping the dry climate will heal up my lungs quickly and that increased oxygen and easier breathing will speed my recovery. Thank you all for your love and prayers and support. We love you dearly, Kristin and Jon

Kristin Needs A Drier Climate

Hi Loved Ones,

I just finished week 3 here in Santa Rosa. California has had a very wet year and the cool, damp weather has been less than wonderful for the recovery of my lungs. We have decided to seek the sunshine and warmth of the Southwest once again. We will be returning to Arizona on Tuesday. We learned alot from Dr. Rowen and the nurses and will now take this knowledge back with us to Tucson. Dr. Vose and Dr. Cochran in Tucson now have their 10 pass ozone machine up and running, which is one of the main therapies that I have been receiving here in CA. Another benefit of the Southwest is that we are nearer to our extended community of supportive family and friends.

Please redirect any mail to my mom and dad at Huisingas, 1745 E. Knox Rd, Tempe, AZ  85284.

We will pilgrimage to the Pacific Ocean again tomorrow, as it will be the only sunshine until we leave. Here is a photo of Jon and I a few weeks ago at the ocean.

Love to you all, Kristin

Redwood trees live for 2000 years!

Hello beautiful friends, family, dear ones,

Last weekend we made it to the beach. Here are my toes in the sand.

This weekend, the weather was good as well. Jon and I had a lovely day yesterday. We drove out to Armstrong Woods State Park to visit the Coastal redwoods. We saw a redwood that is 1400 years old and 308 feet tall! It was alive in 600A.D. Jon made us a yummy picnic. It was Japanese day. Jon is on a mission to fatten me up. Last week, I had nausea every day so it was difficult to eat. BUT….the exciting news is that I got rid of sea monster (actually a roundworm) that was living in my intestines. I will spare you the details of HOW it came out because it is quite gross! Since Thursday though, when the sea monster came out, I have been able to eat more with more enthusiasm. Food sounds good and that itself is an improvement. And…parasites like roundworms suck energy from healing, so getting them out helps recovery.

This week, I am going to do some trouble-shooting with the doctor to better understand the sources of the nausea. Doc Rowen is great and checks in every day to see how I am feeling with the treatments. He listens to my thoughts about what I want to try or scale back. He orders blood tests each week to look at trends in liver, kidney and blood function. Some numbers are improved. Some are not. But it is the trend that is important. The tests in the upcoming weeks will tell us more.

We have our house here in Santa Rosa until the end of March. Dee and Harry (parents of our friend Pete) have offered to let us stay at their house after that while they are away through April 10th. How long we stay depends entirely on how I feel. I am following my intuition and assessing each day as we go. Days are still very busy.

We love you all so very much. Thank you for your unending support, love, and prayers.


An Ocean Frolic

A quick update from Santa Rosa. I have very busy days at the clinic. I usually arrive around 9am and leave between 5 and 7pm. It has been fine so far. Dr. Rowen is attentive and innovative in figuring out how to fine tune my treatments. The nurses here are fabulous and the daily IVs are going well so far. I am receiving different IV medication here than I was in Tucson. NAD to help jumpstart the energy producers in the cells. More energy equals more healing and cleanup power. Ozone directly in the blood to help kill pathogens and instigate healing via oxidation. Minerals and good fats to feed the body.  There are other therapies in addition to IVs to squeeze in there too. Magnetic pulsing on the PEMF machine, exercise with oxygen, ozone sauna, etc.

I am feeling good this week. Less pain. More energy. Easier to smile. Energy to cook and do dishes. Jon still does most of that though. Seems like these are good signs.

Last week’s Friday IV brought some intense malaise over the weekend. Combined with the rainy, cold weather, we did not make it to the ocean. Hoping for SUN this weekend. I need an ocean frolic…feet in the sand, waves crashing on shore, miles of open water to gaze at, seagulls for entertainment. The redwood forest is on the way to the ocean, which is about 45 minutes from our house. The towering trees are calling me as well.

Love to all of our people. Thank you for your beautiful prayers, visions of healing, texts, emails, support. I am so grateful for our many blessings. Love, Kristin

Goodbye Tucson, Hello Santa Rosa

Hello friends and family,
Kritin and I are very grateful for the healing progress Kristin has made here in Tucson, but she has decided that she wants to use a different doctor for a while. We like how she’s been treated by Dr.’s Chocran and Vose, here in Tucson, but there is a treatment she is seeking that they don’t yet provide. So we are flying to Santa Rosa, CA on Monday the 27th. We’re not sure how long we will be there, but we will give Dr. Rowen at least two weeks and see how things go.

The treatment that he has to offer is an ozone treatment. It is common in many places in the world and has remarkable results with many different diseases. Some blood is drawn out, infused with ozone gas, and put back in. It is another method of hyper-oxygenating the tissues and stimulating the immune system.

We are forever grateful to our hosts here in Tucson, Tony Gargano and his daughter Gina. They let us stay here in Tony’s house and all they want in return is for us to cover utilities and house cleaning. Many thanks also to our dear friend Monica Mahoney for connecting us with Gina. Angels are real and sometimes they work in teams.

Many thanks also to another team of angels in Santa Rosa. Greg and Kambria Beck-Holder and the Richardson clan have provided much assistance in finding and securing both a house to rent and a car to use while we are there. It’s hard to relate what a relief it is to have those details taken care of. Thank you soooooo much.

When we get to Santa Rosa, we will let people know where to send love letters.

Thanks to everyone for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

Love from Kristin and Jon

Thank you for my healing!

Gratitude is the best emotion ever! It transforms sadness, grumpiness, negativity. I am working with this every day. Visualize what you want. Believe in it. Have gratitude for what you want. Really feel it. I feel strong. I feel supported. I feel your love. I feel my arm muscles bursting out of my shirt. Thank you Raechel for creating this awesome image. Love love love, kristin