Five Invitations

I’ll be here at Wukoki again soon (northern Arizona). I miss being outside! I miss my gardens!

It’s been about 10 days since I got the chest tube removed. I am free! It was a rough 3 days of discomfort after the procedure. The doctor who removed the tube put me on 5 days of antibiotics, which I think helped get rid of an underlying infection that was sapping my energy. Many signs tell me that my body is in better balance than before. I am so grateful for these improvements over that last 5 days. The swelling in my legs has resolved, which makes for easier walking, moving, and sitting. I have a huge appetite. My digestion is good. I am sleeping pretty well, and even though I wake up a lot, I am able to fall back asleep. There is no fluid in the right lung!!! This is fantastic. My goal now is the left lung. It is still filling with fluid. That is my prayer, to have clear lungs, to remove the need for going to the hospital for procedures every week. Then I can wean off the oxygen. My prayer is that we will be going home soon.

There is an incredible book I have been listening too. The Five Invitations: What Dying can teach us about living. Frank Ostaseski wrote it and he is the founder of hospice. He has been with thousands of people during their death and is an incredible human. His book has so much great wisdom in it. I think many of you would love it. One of the things that resonated was the idea of caregiving. He says he likes the term service better. Service, he says, speaks to the depth of the heart’s intention, knowing that the act is always mutually beneficial. He says, when we “help” someone, we see life as weak. When we “fix” someone, we see life as broken. But when we “serve” someone, we see life as whole. We understand that the person has all of the resources inside of them. In serving, we are the listening presence. I am in deep gratitude for Jon who is doing so much to facilitate my wellness. Only with Jon’s tender care can I make it through each day. Thank you Jon for all you do for me each and every day.

I love all of you. It has been 5 days now of feeling pretty good. I even did some watercolor painting yesterday. Hoping for miracles from here on. Thank you for your love, prayer, and support! Love, kristin