The photo is the view from our patio. I am so grateful for the blessing from James and Inez to stay in their home in Tucson. I am so grateful for Jon who takes incredible care. I am so grateful for my family who loves me and supports my every step. I am so grateful for all of you who love me and send me beautiful cards and emails. I am so grateful for this opportunity to be alive. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

My body craves movement. I have another procedure to help my lungs on Thursday. I hope the procedure will free up some movement in my upper body. There has been a tube there for over 8 weeks to help drain the right lung of fluid. The fluid is now thick, less in volume and not draining from the tube. So it seems it is time for the tube to come out. Freedom!!!!! It could be painful but I am envisioning smooth, easy, fast recovery. Please join with me at 11am on Thursday morning until about 1pm to say prayers and send healing energy. I know our collective energy will ease the transition back to my free lungs.

Thank you all so much for your intensive prayers this past week. They helped me so much! My girlfriend Melissa and Kendra were here this weekend. They choreographed a beautiful dance for me to a fun song that included yoga and twirling dance. It was fun and they made me smile all weekend. Visitors are wonderful and tiring at the same time so I took lots of naps. My dad’s cousin Nancy also taught me some more qigong this week to increase my movement.

I had a healing session with Kimberly Meredith ( last week and she helped me with a new diet. She had a head injury that left her with the ability to speak with God and the angels directly. Her abilities are truly incredible. Check her out, as her sessions are very reasonably priced. She is based in L.A. area. My new diet is void of dairy until my lungs clear up so I am taking a break on the Budwig. But still going strong on Cellect powder. When we asked Spirit about Cellect, she heard “God, God, God.” That is powerful medicine! It is nice to have some new foods.

I love you all. Kristin