Milagros. Miracles.

My sweet friend Quinn sent me photos this week of this divine swimming hole in the upper reaches of the Gila River where we live. This is several miles from our house but still close enough to hike and ride mules too. They rode mules and swam exuberantly. I dream of being in this place and other places like it very soon.

I am calling for help. I need all your prayers. I had such a hard weekend with breathing again. And then had procedures Monday and Tuesday. Monday I was in hospital as an outpatient in a room where they injected a substance to break up fibrous tissue in the pleural space. I have loculations in there, which are sections created by fibrous tissue. With the loculations broken up by this substance, the fluid can drain more easily. I worked that day and I drained 1 liter from the right side lung. Tuesday the left side was drained. I was struggling over the weekend because there were 2 liters of fluid in my lungs. Yikes!

I am continuing to treat the cancer process with the Budwig Cellect. It is a slow steady improvement but these lungs just continue to struggle. I really need to turn a corner on this. And I need your help. The power of prayer is so incredible. Can we all pray together? I know you are all praying. So now let’s pray together.

What I need is a miracle. I am putting everything I have into healing and frankly, I am exhausted. Today I am grateful because I can make some of my own food. I have a little energy to do some qigong. Monday and Tuesday took so much out of me. I am still trying to rest a lot.

I give thanks for my many blessings. For the health that I do have. For the abundance of delicious food to make me well. For the abundance of love from my incredible community of family and friends. For the sun and moon and rivers and birds and creatures and plants of this world that bring us life and diversity. For the earth and all of its abundance. For my incredible husband Jon who cares for me and loves me so much. For life and the great start that I was born with. For my strength and determination. For this opportunity to be alive.

I pray for a miracle to help me thrive. To feel each day like I am fully alive. For a settled stomach and easy of movement. For a turn around the corner that makes each day easier to make it through. Please help me. Please help me.

I love you. Kristin