I was looking through photos this week and found our photos of the healing studio that Jon built for me to do my craniosacral work. We finished it around the holidays, which is when I got the cancer diagnosis and moved to Tucson. We haven’t been able to enjoy that space fully yet and it is calling me. Our home in the Gila is calling me. I know we will be back there soon. Here is a fun photo of the mosaic we did…yes, we cut every piece with a tile saw to fit our custom design.

Today is a good day. I have been riding the stationary bike today to get the juices flowing and breathing deeply to exercise my lungs. This body has gotten very lazy. They say two weeks to establish a good habit. I pray my lungs can keep up. I had a bit of a panicky week with the breathing. When we went in yesterday to get the left side drained, the right side showed very little fluid. That was great news! We have a consultation on Monday to talk with the doctors about the right side. For now, I will keep getting the left side drained each week until my body stops making this fluid. I pray that is now.

My cousin Vanessa was here this weekend. She gave me tons of reiki and that helped the panicky breathing immensely. She helped us cook and clean and we shared Budwig granola each morning on the porch before it hit 113. It’s hot here but the clouds are here and so the rains must be close behind. Solstice was a nice reminder to celebrate the light, the long days, the abundance of summer and the joy of gardening. I actually got my hands in the dirt today. Oh how I miss our gardens and plants.

The rivers are in full flood everywhere in the West. It makes our hearts ache that we are not in our boats enjoying the bounty of a high water year. Stories from friends keep us afloat. We love you all. One day at a time. Prayers of gratitude often.

Love, Kristin