Sacred Tools

The photo shows the Tibetan prayer beads and other tasty delights.

Last week was a challenging one. I had to go in for a procedure and it created the worst pain I have ever experienced. I woke up from my nap and the sedatives from the procedure had worn off. I couldn’t move and breathing was very difficult. I had to use every tool in the box to make it through to 8p when I started feeling a little better. As I was struggling for each breath, Jon handed me the sacred Tibetan prayer beads that Dee sent me. He said, “just feel each one.” So I felt each bead as an individual entity. As I did this, I could see each and every one of you, our dear friends and family. I could feel all the love and prayers that you send us each moment. I could feel your love in every bead. This helped me calm down as I fondled each bead for hours. Then I remembered the sand that Frank, my reiki practitioner here in Tucson, gave me. He charges it and says to put your feet in it. I sunk my toes into the sand and didn’t take them out for about 5 hours. I could feel the sand grounding me to the earth, to the land that I love so much, to the beaches in Grand Canyon, to the ocean and coastlines of the world. These tools helped me make it through an intense day. I recovered well after that and have been feeling good since then. I am so grateful.

One focus for me right now is my digestion. The narcotics I use for pain cause terrible nausea. This week I feel like I had some success with finding two pills that help pain and nausea while also minimizing constipation and side effects. This means I can eat more food more often. Food is good. I also had an incredible nutritional consultation, which led to a very simple diet for 2 weeks to help heal my gut. It is definitely working. I am so grateful. Vomiting is not really that fun.

This weekend Marc, mom and Jon’s mom were here while Jon took a few days to go to the Gila. They helped me make several yummy delights. Homemade granola, chicken broth, veggie soup, vegan mac n’cheese, gluten free banana bread and chicken calabacita enchiladas. I had some bites of enchilada but those we made for Marc’s birthday. I coached him through the process of making homemade red chile sauce and delicious enchiladas. I wanted to eat the whole pan they were so yummy. I’ll be back to eating chile again soon I hope.

Thank you all for your love, prayers, cards and emails. We look forward to sharing wonderful adventures again soon. Enjoy some of those full rivers for us. We miss them so. Anyone coming to Flagstaff from Salt Lake or Park City this summer? Jon bought a plasma cutter and it is in Park City but could easily be brought to Salt Lake. It is a small machine and it needs a ride. If anyone can transport it, please email me at

I love you all,