Qigong: Building Energy to Heal

Hello beautiful friends and family,

It is summer here is Tucson. Daytime temps have regularly been around 100 degrees. Thank goodness for air conditioning. Jon usually goes for walks in the early morning before it warms up. He brings stories, photos and cuttings of all the plants in bloom back with him. The saguaros are still blooming (photo).  Today, there were clouds and a lovely evening breeze that made the porch a divine place to be for sunset and stars.  A friend Amelia and I soaked up every moment.

Jon and I have had more visitors in the last two weeks because my breathing has gotten so much better with the left lung draining. We have weekly appointments to at least have an evaluation. This week has been my best, so my hope is that there is a clearness that hasn’t been there the last 3 times we have viewed the lung and fluid on ultrasound.

I continue to feel better and better. I have good energy for cooking and doing my daily therapies. I am able to ride the stationary bike some and do qigong movements. My stomach is mostly settled and my appetite is good. I ate a salad this week for the first time in over a month. My body did well with the rawness of it. If I do get shortness of breath, it is shorter-liver and less desperate that in weeks past. I am so grateful for all of these good feelings.

My cousin Rachel was here last week. We had an amazing time telling stories, but not too much, and just being together. She taught me my first qigong (CHEE GONG) movements and meditations. Dad’s cousin, Nancy taught us more qigong on Skype this week. It is truly incredible that such simple movements create energy that is palpable in just a few seconds or minutes. I love all the movements and their unique names: three ta tien, microcosmic orbit, spinning the egg, shaking, knocking the door of life. My favorite name and movement is dog wags tail. Nancy explained the movement saying that all animals have a side-to-side tail wagging movement, which humans rarely do. It feels amazing. Rachel shared that medical qigong survived the Mao Zedong regime in China only in secret. Tai chi became the accepted form of qigong and many medical applications were lost. Qigong truly is bringing life back into me. It is magic!

We have a lot of family coming in the next few weeks. I am so grateful to have the energy to visit and enjoy their company. Marc, mom and dad, mom Harned, cousin Vanessa, Jon’s dad Rich and Pauline.

I love you all and am grateful for your cards, love, texts, emails and support. Jocelyn sent me an amazing card. In it, she recounted over 20 of her favorite memories of our friendship. This was so much fun to revisit our time together and remember times that I had forgotten. Jon and I ask that if you do send cards, please don’t send any “things.” We are trying to keep it simple and if we need something, we will ask. Thank you!

Love, Kristin