Hello beautiful people,

It has been a difficult time for Jon and I. The state of my lungs and breathing during last four weeks have brought huge levels of anxiety and uncertainty each day. There were many days where I spent the whole day gasping with an oxygen mask just to breathe, never able to feel like I was getting enough air. We sought outatient help at the University Hospital thanks to our dear doctor friend Leila. Thank you Leila. I have had four procedures to drain fluid from my lungs and am now feeling more stable. The last few days I have been able to breathe much better. I am so grateful for this huge blessing.

The mind is so powerful. Apparently it is a common response to feel anxiety when you even perceive that  you aren’t getting a full breath. I am working with this today. My doctor says morphine helps calm the brain but when it is not needed for pain, but it seems silly to eat morphine just to calm the brain. Gotu kola helps so I am dosing on that. A little qigong helped today.

I am grateful to be emerging from the four week storm of unpredictability with my lungs. From here, we shall gently continue down the path of healing, intuiting along the way what is beneficial and what is not.

Has anyone tried the Budwig Museli (granola and fruit mixed with cottage cheese and flaxoil mixture)? It is delicious and is quite possibly the simplest, tastiest food that will improve our cells and overall health. Here is the recipe:

Budwig blog shares this testimonial that I find very interesting.

“On August 1, 1995, a friend of my son’s told me his sister, who had majored in cytology at a Wisconsin college, told him that during her class work she had studied cells from the bodies of people who had used Flax oil and those cells were covered with a fatty, protective covering that didn’t allow the cells to be invaded and they were healthy. Then she studied cells from the bodies of people with cancer and those cells had either no covering at all or it was very thin. The difference was so pronounced that she began using Flax oil herself right away.”

It really is delicious. Love you all. Thank you.