Hello beautiful people,

Picture is a painting I am working on. Feels good to have my watercolors out.

My whole family was here in Tucson this weekend. It was rough. I couldn’t breathe well and two games of cards tired me out. Yikes! Mom and Marc are the newest cribbage players in the family. I learned from Jon’s family. Fun game. It was lovely time with them regardless.

We had a scheduled appointment on Monday for a thoracentesis, which is the procedure where they drain the lungs. It went much smoother this time. No ER. No oncologists. No CT scan. Just a “lung mechanic” to drain the fluid. One ultrasound and one chest xray to make sure the lung did well. Our nurse Chris was amazing. Doctor did a good job, draining much slower than last time and causing less pain. Still sore today. Our dear friend Leila set up the entire day and we are so grateful for her love and care. Our angel. The radiologist drained another 1.5 liters. Still shocking. They also did a blood test. Good news. My platelet numbers are down from 513 to 363 in 11 days, which is a sign of less inflammation. I am hoping less inflammation means less fluid and fewer visits to the doctor. We have a follow-up appointment with the radiologist Monday to check the status of my lungs.

Like last time, I can breathe much better. My appetite improved immediately and I even ate some vegetables yesterday and today. All good improvements.

I have been practicing various forms of meditation. The one I love now is a Hawaiian practice called ho’oponopono. HOE-O-PONO-PONO. It is fascinating to read about. http://www.positive-living-now.com/four-simple-phrases-that-change-everything/

I use it when I feel negativity toward someone or a situation or when any feeling that is not beneficial comes up. It works well in hospitals. The idea is that everyone and everything shows up in our life because we manifest it. People irritating us is our creation. Situations that distress us is our creation. The way we change this is to work on improving ourselves (not our first instinct in our go-get-em world). The four phrases are:

I love you

I am sorry

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

Ho’oponopono brings peace. It brings calm because I know there is always something to improve in myself. These phrases are a gift because I know that no one is to blame. I know that fewer negative feelings means great healing.

I love you. Thank you. Kristin