God Winks and Angels Everywhere

Hello beautiful friends, family, dear ones,


Clearly this photo is not from Tucson in April. I post it here to remind me that I WILL be skiing, hiking, boating, thriving again soon.

I believe that everyone that shows up in our lives is brought for a reason. Every alignment that occurs is just as it should be. Some people call these coincidences. Others synchronicities. Rita calls them God Winks. I like this. We have been surrounded by these alignments every step of this journey. Tom the window washer affirmed that magic is all around us and that the angels are here.

Jon and I have been in Tucson for 2 weeks. We move to another house on Monday. James and Inez are letting us stay in their house indefinitely, as they return to Ontario on Monday where they spend the summer. James and Inez are angels. We just met them a month ago and they offered their house to us like we were old family friends. What a huge gift from two beautiful people. Jon and I are so grateful.

Mom and dad are here for Easter so they will help Jon move, for which I am also grateful. I am little help in the lifting, packing, cleaning department. My energy has been super low. The cough persists. And most of all, I haven’t been able to breathe well for two weeks. This also makes talking difficult. Overall I feel pretty crummy most of every day with an average of one day per week where I feel human. Sleeping is interesting, usually in a sitting up and face down position on a stack of 4 pillows, which helps the coughing. Less than fulfilling, although I manage to have dreams in the periods of sleep. Even with these challenges, I am managing to stick to the Budwig-Cellect Protocol (see cancertutor.com for details) but only with the support of Jon and other visitors like Joan, Doug, Monica and mom and dad. I would be nothing without all of your help. Thank you! I am taking a break on IVs for now so I can really feel the effects of the new protocol.

One big improvement this week came after 12 hours in the ER. Tests and waiting to speak with the doctor about the result of each test filled most of the 12 hours. Finally, at 8am, I was wheeled into the ultrasound room. Katie, a sweet nurse, explained the thoracentesis procedure. She did the ultrasound and determined there was a lot of fluid to be drained from my right pleural space (outside the lung but inside the chest wall). The previous tests showed the same thing. The radiologist inserted a tiny needle at the base of my ribcage on my back and began draining the fluid. It didn’t really hurt until the end, when there was some cramping. I asked Katie to see the liquid. It was yellowish but that was not the shocking part. I know in my mind what a liter of fluid is (think Nalgene water bottle), but when she held that bottle up to show me, I was SHOCKED. She drained 1.5 LITERS of fluid. This fluid was pressing on my lung, which left only 25% capacity for breathing. I was sore the rest of the day but overall the breathing has improved. Not perfect because I am still coughing. However, much improved. The whole experience was epic, as the ER can be it seems.

I realize that this is not the greatest news but it is the real picture my life at this point. Stay healthy everyone. We will have a new address soon but mail can also be sent to mom and dad at 1745 E. Knox Rd, Tempe, AZ  85284.

I love you all of you special people. Thank you for your unending support, love, and prayers.