Kristin Needs A Drier Climate

Hi Loved Ones,

I just finished week 3 here in Santa Rosa. California has had a very wet year and the cool, damp weather has been less than wonderful for the recovery of my lungs. We have decided to seek the sunshine and warmth of the Southwest once again. We will be returning to Arizona on Tuesday. We learned alot from Dr. Rowen and the nurses and will now take this knowledge back with us to Tucson. Dr. Vose and Dr. Cochran in Tucson now have their 10 pass ozone machine up and running, which is one of the main therapies that I have been receiving here in CA. Another benefit of the Southwest is that we are nearer to our extended community of supportive family and friends.

Please redirect any mail to my mom and dad at Huisingas, 1745 E. Knox Rd, Tempe, AZ  85284.

We will pilgrimage to the Pacific Ocean again tomorrow, as it will be the only sunshine until we leave. Here is a photo of Jon and I a few weeks ago at the ocean.

Love to you all, Kristin