Redwood trees live for 2000 years!

Hello beautiful friends, family, dear ones,

Last weekend we made it to the beach. Here are my toes in the sand.

This weekend, the weather was good as well. Jon and I had a lovely day yesterday. We drove out to Armstrong Woods State Park to visit the Coastal redwoods. We saw a redwood that is 1400 years old and 308 feet tall! It was alive in 600A.D. Jon made us a yummy picnic. It was Japanese day. Jon is on a mission to fatten me up. Last week, I had nausea every day so it was difficult to eat. BUT….the exciting news is that I got rid of sea monster (actually a roundworm) that was living in my intestines. I will spare you the details of HOW it came out because it is quite gross! Since Thursday though, when the sea monster came out, I have been able to eat more with more enthusiasm. Food sounds good and that itself is an improvement. And…parasites like roundworms suck energy from healing, so getting them out helps recovery.

This week, I am going to do some trouble-shooting with the doctor to better understand the sources of the nausea. Doc Rowen is great and checks in every day to see how I am feeling with the treatments. He listens to my thoughts about what I want to try or scale back. He orders blood tests each week to look at trends in liver, kidney and blood function. Some numbers are improved. Some are not. But it is the trend that is important. The tests in the upcoming weeks will tell us more.

We have our house here in Santa Rosa until the end of March. Dee and Harry (parents of our friend Pete) have offered to let us stay at their house after that while they are away through April 10th. How long we stay depends entirely on how I feel. I am following my intuition and assessing each day as we go. Days are still very busy.

We love you all so very much. Thank you for your unending support, love, and prayers.