An Ocean Frolic

A quick update from Santa Rosa. I have very busy days at the clinic. I usually arrive around 9am and leave between 5 and 7pm. It has been fine so far. Dr. Rowen is attentive and innovative in figuring out how to fine tune my treatments. The nurses here are fabulous and the daily IVs are going well so far. I am receiving different IV medication here than I was in Tucson. NAD to help jumpstart the energy producers in the cells. More energy equals more healing and cleanup power. Ozone directly in the blood to help kill pathogens and instigate healing via oxidation. Minerals and good fats to feed the body.  There are other therapies in addition to IVs to squeeze in there too. Magnetic pulsing on the PEMF machine, exercise with oxygen, ozone sauna, etc.

I am feeling good this week. Less pain. More energy. Easier to smile. Energy to cook and do dishes. Jon still does most of that though. Seems like these are good signs.

Last week’s Friday IV brought some intense malaise over the weekend. Combined with the rainy, cold weather, we did not make it to the ocean. Hoping for SUN this weekend. I need an ocean frolic…feet in the sand, waves crashing on shore, miles of open water to gaze at, seagulls for entertainment. The redwood forest is on the way to the ocean, which is about 45 minutes from our house. The towering trees are calling me as well.

Love to all of our people. Thank you for your beautiful prayers, visions of healing, texts, emails, support. I am so grateful for our many blessings. Love, Kristin