Row For Your Life

Hello beautiful people,
I am grateful today for Jon, for the sun that warmed us as we sat next to a trickling creek, for the saguaro cacti, for the walk yesterday with dad, for a relaxing and low stress weekend. Back to work tomorrow. It’s going to be a great week!

My dear friend Kate wrote this song. Last week when she visited Tucson for my birthday, she sang her song for us. I am still in tears when I listen to the recording. Kate’s song reminds me that we all have moments of rowing for our life. She speaks of rowing toward the roar, to go into the storm with courage. This is also a teaching of the bison that turn and walk into the snow storm so they can move through it more quickly. Kate’s song reminds me that we all have our plans shift. The river pokes holes in our plans. And we can heal. Thank you Kate for your insightful song. I hope you all love it too. I love you all, Kristin

Listen to the River
A song written by Kate Watters

The River she knows a lot
But she’s not gonna tell you everything, oh no she’s not
Get into your boat, grab hold of the oars
Row for your life toward the sound of that roar
There ain’t no going back now
‘cause you just left the safety of the shore.

There is beauty in this moment as it’s passing you by
Sing your songs of love to all the stars in the sky
And listen, listen to the river reply

The River, she’ll rock your boat
She’ll poke holes in all the plans you made, till you barely float
When things fall apart
The only way to begin
is sitting beside her ’til you can stand again
There ain’t no going back now
Mystery awaits you around the bend


The River, she’s been it all
A snowdrift on the mountaintop, a canyon waterfall
Even on calm water, there are whispers of change
whoever you are today, you’ll never be the same
There ain’t no going back now
Ride the waves of a timeless refrain