Vision Boards

Hello dear friends and loved ones,

Your beautiful, positive visions are feeding me. One of my birthday presents is a compilation of photos that Kim and Jocelyn hand-sewed into an unbelievably exquisite display of our shared vision for the future. A future that is loaded with joyous experiences in complete health with each of you. Thank you for taking the time to send these incredible prayers, manifested in your photos. I love the vision boards. Here is a photo of the vision boards in all of their gray ribbon and button glory.

Vision boards….The purpose of a vision board is to put images of experiences you want for your future to help keep the END GOALs in mind. Along the way, their might be bumps and pauses but having the vision of the ultimate goals helps manifest them.

We got some great news this week. I did a repeat blood test and one was for the tumor markers. The CEA marker is down in the normal range and dropped 30% in four weeks. YAY! We are still waiting on results from second marker.

I continue to feel better each day. The vitamin C, ozone, curcumin, and hyperbaric oxygen are bringing great changes and improvement. I have some new recipes to try from our new favorite nutritionist, Lauren Kanzler. Mom found her and she was the perfect person for us. Every doctor and nutritionist we speak with emphasizes that my MAIN goal is to keep my blood sugar at 80 all the time! This way the blood is balanced and the cancer cells starve.

It is Friday again!!!!!!!!!!!!! Weekends are joyous and relaxing. We will go commune with the saguaros again.

One last thank you to Tony. We are staying at Tony’s house, probably for a few more weeks (because I am feeling so much better each day with these treatments). He is an angel. Thank you Tony!