To our amazing community of friends and family,

We are filled with gratitude for everyone’s prayers, love, support. Thank you!
I am filled with gratitude for my healing, even on painful days. I know I am improving each day.
As Jeffrey Yuen says, I have an infectious disease. And the infectious disease is healing.

Jon did a nice post about our new casa, Tony’s casa, in Tucson and my daily treatments. Thank you sweet Jon!
The space machine (aka hyperbaric chamber) is awesome because it is relaxing and comfortable.
Some of the treatments are painful but I will spare you the details.

Much of the last three days, I have spent meditating, journaling and drawing. These are incredibly therapeutic. So much of this journey is believing in being well. Seeing myself thriving. Seeing specific events in the future. I will be making a vision board to help manifest these future events. This is a deeply spiritual journey for sure.

Our dear friend Loren is here from San Jose. She shared a nice meditation practice with us. Translated from Sanskrit. It is called Metta, which is the word for loving kindness.

The meditation is:
May I be safe.
May I be happy.
May I be free from suffering.
May I be full of loving kindness.

I am still a novice at this meditation, so I haven’t made it into the deeper levels. But I continue each day with these words. I love you all. Kristin