Thank you everyone

The response to our request for funds has been amazing. Thank you all very much for your caring and generosity. It will help us tons and it has relieved any immediate worries about being able to afford treatments for Kristin.

1)We will be closing down the gofundme site in a day or two as they have large fees.
2)We are using THIS site for future fundraising. Go to the “Ways to help” page.
3)Please spread the word about these changes.

Until a few days ago, Kristin and I were staying in Tempe at Kristin’s parents house. It was a comfortable place for Kristin to be, but we were driving to Tucson a lot and spending too much time in the car. Our dear friend Monica Mahoney hooked us up with another friend of hers who offered a house for us to stay in until mid February. Many thanks to Gina and her father Tony for the use of this house as our sanctuary.

Kristin has a regular job now. Five days a week, she goes to her treatments (15 minutes away) and on the weekends she rests. As of now, here is what she’s doing:

I.V. vitamin C and ozone, ozone injections at tumor sites, hyperbaric oxygen therapy

I.V. curcumin and Poly MVA, hyperbaric oxygen therapy

The MWF treatments are oxidative and the TTH treatments are antioxidants. The aim of this one-two punch is immune stimulation and opening the tumor sites to better circulation.

We are also looking into clinics that offer immune stimulation in combination with therapies targeting immune checkpoint inhibitors.

The treatments thus far have had a positive affect on Kristin’s well being. In general, she has less pain,less coughing, more energy and she is sleeping better.
We will retest blood markers soon to assess the treatments’ effectiveness in healing cancer. The positive response to the protocols is very encouraging.

Other important activities for her are meditation, art work, and spending time outside with her feet on Mother Earth. She is also interested in learning Qi gong.

Thank you all for your love, your thoughts and your prayers.