Our Dear People

Hello dear people. I am grateful for all of you, the most beautiful people, in our lives. Thank you so much for your love and support. I am looking forward to walking fast and thriving again soon! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Jon and I are back from Tucson, AZ this afternoon. This is where I am getting treatments with our naturopathic oncologists. They are amazing. I received more treatments today. These were new ones. I emailed Dr. Vose last night and told him that I felt beaten, worked, in pain, completely trashed. Like a boxer must feel after a fight. Last week’s treatments were high dose IV Vitamin C and ozone, which create oxidation in the body. These treatments kill bad cells and stimulate the immune system to work harder. This creates alot of die-off of cells and thus pain and feeling of toxicity. When I told Dr. Vose that my body was trashed, he said “great! that means your body is responding.”

As part of the long-term treatment plan, he mentioned that we would be doing 3 days of oxidative treatments and 2 days of anti-oxidant treatments. That is what I asked for today. I got IV curcumin (from turmeric) and Poly-MVA (a mix of alpha lipoic acid and other anti-oxidants). These feel like they built me up. In addition to my daily hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment, I actually feel human again today. YAY!

Love, Kristin