Healing in Tucson

Hello friends and family. Thank you for using this site to stay in touch with Kristin’s progress. Please share this site with all who are concerned and want more information.

We have recently received the results of the PET-CT scan that Kristin endured on Monday. We were hoping for better but received bad news. The scan showed cancer in her lungs, liver, some bones, and some lymph nodes. Ouch. We are currently gathering as much information as we can about different treatment options. As you well know, Kristin’s preference is not to use chemicals and radiation. So as we gather information, Kristin is undergoing several different, aggressive natural treatments to help support the immune system and stop the cancer. We’ll describe the treatments in more detail later, but, for now, she’s taking high-dose IV vitamin C, IV ozone therapy, subcutaneous ozone therapy, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. These are treatments that are used all over the world, are studied, and shown to be effective against cancer. Diet is also very important. For those of you who have dined with Kristin, you know she is way ahead of the curve on this one.

We are still learning about this blog stuff. I promise to get better at it and include pictures.

For now, envision a vibrant, thriving Kristin, pray, and believe.

Much love, Jon and Kristin


4 thoughts on “Healing in Tucson

  1. Just read Joan’s Facebook post and this blog. I can only see one Kristin, healthy and strong now and in the future. We are here with you two. My only wish is that I lived closer and could give you more support. For now, we send you prayers to uplift your spirit, to give you strength, and for an even more healthier body.


  2. Love and prayers to you both. We will think of you daily, send positive thoughts and envision Kristin healthy and thriving. You are strong, beautiful and much loved.
    Mandy, Kevin and Dean.


  3. We love you both more than words can express. Sending positive thoughts and prayers each day. Know we will walk this journey with you. Butch and Vicky đź’—


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