The Beginning

River guide, botanist, sister, wife, artist, aunt, friend, daughter, preserver of ancient cultures, healer… We all know Kristin in different ways, but we all agree about her deeply giving heart and her shining soul. As many of you know, years ago Kristin had a test come back with signs of cancer in her body.  She recovered from this cancer on her own terms, and her journey has been an inspiration to us all to live cleaner, simpler lives. It’s time now for us, her community, to give something to Kristin. This is what Kristin and Jon need from us:

  • Love. Support. Warmth. Positive, healing thoughts and prayers. Visions of gratitude, happiness and health. Please send your vibes through the air, or leave a comment on one of these posts.
  • Financial support.  Give what you can – every bit helps immensely.  Please click on ‘Ways to Help’ at the top of this page.