January 2017

Jon let us know that, since Thanksgiving, Kristin has been struggling with a cough that they thought was bronchitis. Not able to shake it, she had an ultrasound that showed advanced tumors on her liver. PET-CT scans revealed metastasis in her liver, lungs, bones and lymph. Jon and Kristin are with her parents in Phoenix and Kristin has begun receiving treatments that relieve her pain and bring relief. They are considering further, aggressive treatments that won’t compromise her immune system. We, her family, have great faith in her chosen path,  and ask you to support it too. Kristin’s greatest wish is that we all hold thoughts of her as happy and healthy, and send positive prayers and messages her way.  

Also, Jon and Kristin need your financial help. By pooling donations from a multitude of friends and family, we will help shoulder the cost of this healing journey.  Please use the ‘Ways to Help’ link on this page for further information. 

We will update this blog with new information as we receive it, but please spend a few moments of this day to send some healing and positive thoughts to Kristin and Jon.


5 thoughts on “January 2017

  1. Sending love your way from snow covered Northern California. Picturing you healthy, smiling, hiking, biking, rowing, loving, and laughing. We love you! ❤️


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